Welcome to Precision Blackjack. This approach was painstakingly developed through years of casino play by real PLAYERS, not book writers, system hucksters or computer programmers.  The Course will provide you with all the tools and insight needed to become a polished player. Learn how to turn the casino tactic of card clumping against the house.  Learn the secrets that real professional players understand. The advanced card play and betting tactics detailed in this Comprehensive Home Study Blackjack Course will elevate your play to World Class Level !

Dr. M Gorden (MN) There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive material available and covers all facets of the game. I strongly recommend the course.” 

If you answer "YES" to any or all of the questions below, "Precision Blackjack" is for you:

· Wonder why dealers aren't breaking when you expect them to?
· Losing too many double down and split play hands?
· Need better money management programs?
· Frustrated with games where dealers always seem to draw those multiple card twenty ones when showing low up cards?
· Ever in a game where you or someone at the table remarked, "Where are the tens?" As the dealer kept wiping out everyone at the table!"
· Wonder why the rules of Dealer Strategy always seem to favor the House?
· Wonder why Casinos offer free Basic Strategy lessons? Are they training us to beat them? Or are they training us to beat ourselves?
· Interested in learning advanced card play skills that will enhance your hand’s won percentage?
· Interested in learning super advanced betting tactics, designed to address the various game types?
· Interested in a Unique tactic and advantage at the First Base position of the table?

Bill Perry (MI) “Precision BlackJack is a straight – no hype method that addresses the real world of Casino BlackJack. I’ve been involved  with several advanced methods. Precision BlackJack is the best! It’s  the only method that is workable and easy to use. I am very pleased. By following the rules of the method, I manage to achieve winning  trips and hold my losses to a minimum. Precision BlackJack has filled in blank spots and strengthened the NBJ and WCB concepts. I sincerely recommend this product to all BlackJack players.”