Blackjack Training


Learn to Play Blackjack with Precision Blackjack

Learn to play blackjack like the pros, today. Find out how so many players have enhanced their game with our comprehensive blackjack learning materials.

Dr. M Gorden (MN ) " There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive casino Blacklack system available and covers all facets of the game. Thank You for the private Blackjack lessons.  I strongly recommend the course."


  • Casino Blackjack money management
  • Table scouting factors
  • Table selection / departure rules
  • To recognize "hot zones" in a Blackjack shoe
  • Advanced card play tactics
  • Blackjack Betting tactics designed for "streaky" and the common "choppy" type games 
  • How to switch betting schemes to address swings in the shoe
  • A unique advantage and betting strategy for the 1st base position
  • How to count cards and learn a break-through card counting strategy
  • Blackjack Spot Betting
  • Fine points of playing Blackjack head to head play with the dealer 
  • Blackjack Partner and team play tactics
  • Lock wins/stop losses
  • How to play Blackjack Professionally as a business
  • And much more .  

Joe Phillips (NY)  "Over the years I've purchased countless casino blackjack systems , card counting systems  and various gambling strategies .  Precision Blackjack is the only system that addresses the real world of casino Blackjack. PBJ teaches the player how to play Blackjack and advance into a professional world class level of play."

 C. Lessie (PA) "The Precision BlackJack course is great! I was getting disgusted with the game until Precision BlackJack came along. Now I can comfortably use all the tools that Precision BlackJack has to offer. I've learned how to limit my losses in bad games and assure myself  wins in good games that eventually break down. This Blackjack system is a must for the serious player."